Data, API and Tools


BioWikiFarm is a shared technical platform supporting a number of mediawiki installations used by a large number projects in biological research for open content publishing. more

Golden Gate

Golden Gate is a family of software including a server, an editor, a web-based editor, and web-services. more

Image Markup File (IMF)

Image Markup File (IMF) is a file format used to store and exchange annotations made to a PDF reliably. more


Ocellus is an image discovery and retrieval tool for Zenodo more


RefBank is a website where you can search for bibliographic references. more


ReFindit provides an easy search function. more


An analysis and mining tool for the data contained in TreatmentBank more


Synospecies leverages the RDF data provided by Plazi to conduct SPARQL queries over the data. more


TreatmentBank is a resource that stores and provides access to the treatements and data therein. more


Zendodeo is a nodejs-based API to CERN's Zenodo more