About Plazi

Plazi is an association supporting and promoting the development of persistent and openly accessible digital taxonomic literature. more


Plazi's partners include Zenodo, GBIF, Pensoft, SIB, BHL, NCBI, eCH, ZooBank, CETAF, Datacamp, FactsMission, and others more

Plazi Mission

Plazi is a non-profit organisation founded in 2008 to promote the free accessibility of scientific data more

The Story behind Plazi

Plazi is inspired by and named for Placidus Spescha, an 18th century Benedictine monk from Disentis, Switzerland more

Was macht Plazi?

Plazi ist eine 2008 gegründete Non-Profit-Organisation, die sich für die freie Zugänglichkeit wissenschaftlicher Daten more