Treatment Bank

TreatmentBank (TB) is a service provided by the Swiss Plazi GmbH to liberate data from scholarly publications, and convert, enhance, link, store, and disseminate it as Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable (FAIR) data. These data include taxonomic treatments, treatment citations, figures, tables, material citations and bibliographic reference. The data extraction processes can be highly automated to process entire journal back-issues as well as current publications. A quality control (QC) process as well as manual checks produce data fit to become reference deposits of treatments in Biodiversity Literature Repository (BLR), as well as daily uploads of treatment articles data sets to the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF), with persistent identifiers minted in BLR. Input formats can be printed to born-digital publications. All data are openly accessible in various formats and are searchable. Currently, BLR contains more than 650,000 treatments extracted from 66,000 articles, 400,000 figures and 1,040,000 material citations.

Role in BiCIKL: TB is providing a service for Transnational Access, developing and improving conversion of PDF publications, and serving as the access point for bidirectional linking to data liberated from literature. TB will provide a search portal to find specimens cited in literature as well as a service to link material citations to other research infrastructures (RIs) covering taxonomic names, genomics and specimen data.

Data and Statistics

Tools to analyze and mine data in TreatmentBank at article and treatment level. more

Desktop data mining and extraction

The GoldenGATE Document Editor is a visual editor for marking up documents in XML. It is designed to do most of the markup automatically. more

What is a Treatment?

A taxonomic treatment is a well-defined part of an article describing a scientific name by an author at the time of the publication. more