ClickUp supporting Plazi with task management system


Managing collaborations involving multiple locations, time zones and complementing operations is challenging. As an example, Plazi liberates data from scholarly publications by making it, in collaboration with Zenodo at CERN, findable, citable reusable for anybody, anywhere, at any time. This process happens in multiple locations in Europe, Brazil and North America. The increasingly automated processes are based on agile programming. The maintenance and improvement of high quality data requires an additional amount of time critical interactions.

To operate efficiently, Plazi was exploring an adequate management system allowing assigning tasks, visualizing progress, and at the same time providing means for communication between two and multiple users.

After testing multiple systems ClickUp has been selected as the best performing system. “From the initial two weeks of usage, we have already noticed less time chatting about tasks, a better and more effective Q&A system (for our use, questions are posted as tasks), and better productivity reports using their brand new dashboard systems” summarizes Marco Guidoti, Plazi’s head of its Brazilian office.

Plazi is very grateful that ClickUp decided to partner and provide our team with access to their powerful task management system.