Legal Issues

Over the next years, Plazi’s goal is to link 1 Million taxonomic name usages with their corresponding treatments. This will allow to bridge the gap from the general use of scientific names with the underlying taxonomic literature. It will provide a direct, citable link to the section in scientific articles that include the treatment and the implicit and explicit link to external resources.

The treatments are a unique sources for objects (i.e. scientific names) in NCBI, taxa in Wikidata or GBIF.

It is the only and most direct access to understand what a particular author had in mind when describing a new species or referring to an existing one. It is also the section in the taxonomic literature where nomenclatoral changes occur and thus the source for building the catalogue of life.

Some of the treatments listed in the TreatmentBank are stubs, that is they are not yet populated with the respective content. You can help to get the content by uploading the original article (if not digitized, online accessible and with a forseen with a Digital Object Identifier DOI).