Progress with improving preservation and reuse of scientific research data

Conference: International Conference on Digital Preservation
Location: Beijing, China
Date and Time: Oct 21, 2021
Description: Presented by Plazi together with Data Futures, MNHN France, SIB Switzerland and CERN Switzerland.

We report progress towards automatically transforming existing analyses of scientific literature into annotations based on W3C’s Web Annotation Data Model (WADM). Case studies are presented from the life sciences, and social sciences and humanities, in which these developments have led to the creation of new unrestricted data services for the research community. We discuss the cross- domain potential of annotation infrastructure for releasing scientific facts reported in research literature from copyright restrictions, and demonstrate the utility of common standards-based preservation and discovery methods in disparate activities. We suggest that scientific treatments of literature using WADM annotation can lead to new mechanisms for access to and reuse of research data, and accelerate convergence with the FAIR Principles.

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