BHL and Plazi partnership

BHL and Plazi

BHL and Plazi have agreed to collaborate to create a workflow from existing literature to liberate digital accessible data to its reuse in GBIF. This includes the following steps:

  1. Find, digitize, and provide access to biodiversity-related documents with basic metadata and scanned images for each and every page
  2. Text recognition that allows efficient conversion and processing downstream
  3. Provide access at publication level, including standard, citable URLs from the scholarly communication ecosystem (e.g. CrossRef DOIs, DataCite DOIs)
  4. Conversion
  • into generic JATS XML or TEI including figures
  • into PDFs with included text and stable URLs
  1. Liberate data from these biodiversity-related documents; identify, semantically enhance, and link with external resources
  • Names entities
  • Constituent text sections
  • Figures
  • Tables
  • Bibliographic references
  1. Create and publish FAIR data on Zenodo, or other repositories with the same capabilities, particularly those providing access enabling reuse
  2. Interact with targeted reuser of data for data and visualization improvements (eg. GBIF, openBioDiv)

More about the partnership