Publishing Copyright-Free Taxonomic Treatments as New Resources for Biodiversity Research

Conference: War, Trade and the Divisive Power of Citizenship
Location: Basel, Switzerland
Date and Time: Sep 23, 2022
Description: Publishing Copyright-Free Taxonomic Treatments as New Resources for Biodiversity Research


Divisive Power of Citizenship, one of our Institute’s SNSF-funded project, concludes this year with its closing international conference on 22/23 September 2022 in Basel, Switzerland. This event will offer a broad platform for debate about citizenship in a global context, addressing scholars working in the fields of Global History, Asian Studies, International Law and Digital Humanities, at a time of terrifying topicality.

The central themes of discussion will be expat communities in Asia, and civil internment camps during the Second World War in Asia, which have been rarely studied until now. An additional methodological component will investigate the potential of digital methods in this field, which will analyse the impact of access to precise data at scale relating to networks of foreign residents—addressing interferences with citizenship, statelessness and denaturalisation. The conference will also form the launch for new data resources which have been created during the course of the project, covering Foreign Residents in East Asia between 1863 and 1941.

The individual panels will promote interdisciplinary exchange across disciplinary borders. Panel I on foreigner status will focus on Expats, imperialists and victims: Citizenship during Transformation Periods; Panel II will discuss sharing of primary sources and secure data preservation; Panel III will address research into civilian internment camp records and introduces next-generation digital resources for historians; Panel IV will investigate legal frameworks protecting civilians, with reference to their citizenship in relation to military conflict (e.g. enemy aliens).

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