Taxon Search Portal

Search for taxa or locations at the Taxon Search Portal.
You can search for any offered content. For wild cards use %. Alternatively, you can browse taxa.
The searches can also be launched at Plazi-Boston and Plazi-Arizona.

Additional hints:

Taxa Only: when activating this option only for treatment name giving taxa are searched. If this option is deactivated, the search includes all taxa, even those cited within a given treatment.

Exact Match: this option might be important when not using the "name" form for searching a taxon but using the separate taxon forms (genus, species etc.) for looking for a taxon. When the option "Exact Match" is activated, the server is looking only for exact matches.

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Users interested in resolving the collection and catalogue no of observation data extracted from literature data served to and provided by GBIF can add the code to this base URL: