Where to meet us

  • 25-26 October 2014. Global Unique IDentifier workshop, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • 27-30 October 2014. TDWG Jönköping, Sweden.

Taxon Search Portal

Search for taxa or locations at the Taxon Search Portal.
You can search for any offered content. For wild cards use %. Alternatively, you can browse taxa.
The searches can also be launched at Plazi-Boston and Plazi-Arizona.

Additional hints:

Taxa Only: when activating this option only for treatment name giving taxa are searched. If this option is deactivated, the search includes all taxa, even those cited within a given treatment.

Exact Match: this option might be important when not using the "name" form for searching a taxon but using the separate taxon forms (genus, species etc.) for looking for a taxon. When the option "Exact Match" is activated, the server is looking only for exact matches.

RSS feeds for treatments:

XML format: http://plazi.org:8080/GgSRS/xml.rss.xml
HTML format: http://plazi.org:8080/GgSRS/html.rss.xml

Users interested in resolving the collection and catalogue no of observation data extracted from literature data served to and provided by GBIF can add the code to this base URL:
e.g. http://plazi.org:8080/GgSRS/html?CCB380A779D3CC9E8741F1D29CDCC13A