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03. April 2020

Plazi and Pensoft launch an initiative to provide access to scholarly published data about Coronavirus hosts

Read the Eurekalert! and Knoweldge Speak release.

The COVID-19 pandemic presumably started with the escape of the Coronavirus from its bat host to humans. To understand the original host, it is important to have access to...[more]

05. March 2020

On the Role of Open Science in Charting Biodiversity

Following discussions on Taxacom list server on the value on Open Science, here some points to consider.

The situation has changed regarding open access and open science. The EU fully requires open access to anything they fund....[more]

03. March 2020

12 new species added to GBIF during the first Plazi training course at the Congresso Brasileiro de Zoologia

Taxonomic literature is an almost untapped resource of data covering our scholarly knowledge of biodiversity. This includes an estimated 500 Million printed pages and is augmented annually with over 17.000 taxonomic treatments of...[more]

26. January 2020

50.000th GBIF dataset: a brief history

On January 8, 2020 Plazi had the good luck and honor to be the mediator of GBIF's 50.000th dataset. It was probably predictable to some degree, since the chances have been over 56%. Plazi has deposited over 28K of the 50K...[more]

15. January 2020

Science Magazine: Why not be more open? Liberated biodiversity data as a win-win case

This morning news had two headlines covering conservation and biodiversity and, in fact pointing out its dire state and what ought to be done. For example, in Le Monde one reported on the UN 2030 goal to protecting 30% of the...[more]

10. November 2019

Plazi opens an office in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil

Plazi opened an office in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, early November. The office, with four staff managed by Marcus Guidoti, is focusing on liberating data from South American taxonomic publications or publications...[more]


09. November 2019

March 1-6, 2020. XXXIII Congresso Brasileiro de Zoologia, Águas de Lindõa, SP, Brazil

Plazi is organizing a mini-course (March 1: 8am-6pm) and a symposium (March 3: 3pm) on cyber taxonomy and liberating data from scholarly publications. The schedule is here.


No momento em que discutimos sobre acervos...[more]

10. January 2020

May 14-15, 2020, Empowering Biodiversity Research, Africa Museum, Bruxelles, Belgium

Plazi will present a keynote and participate in the Biodiversity Market.


Five years after the "Empowering Biodiversity Research" conference that we organised in May 2015,...[more]

10. January 2020

June 8, 2020. SPNHC Edinburgh 2020

Plazi is participating in a workshop on citing collections at the SPNCH 2020. The program will follow.[more]

10. January 2020

June 9, 2020 ELIXIR All Hands 2020, Amsterdam, 2020

Donat Agosti will present the lecture Liberating data imprisoned in Biodiversity publications, a vast store of biodiversity data at the Biodiversity Mini-Symposium of the ELIXIR All Hands 2020[more]