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12. April 2021

materialCitation as a new class submitted to TDWG Darwin Core standard

Specimens are a critical basis for taxonomic research. They are cited in taxonomic treatments and other works. Increasingly these material citations are extracted from publications and submitted as part of data sets to GBIF and...[more]

18. February 2021

A new GBIF Plazi data issue feedback loop

Plazi’s goal is to discover known biodiversity, and make it widely available using the tools available in the digital age. This means liberating data hidden in libraries, and more recently, and increasingly hidden in the...[more]

31. August 2020

ClickUp supporting Plazi with task management system

Managing collaborations involving multiple locations, time zones and complementing operations is challenging. As an example, Plazi liberates data from scholarly publications by making it, in collaboration with Zenodo at CERN,...[more]

17. July 2020

Time for an interim review of Plazi’s Covid-19 related activities

Three months ago we started with Pensoft an effort (see also press release) to contribute to a better understanding of the SARS-CoV-2 (severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2) aka corona virus that led to the global...[more]

29. June 2020

The taxonomic treatments from Linnaeus’ Systema Naturae, 1758, 10th edition, liberated

A milestone in the development of modern biology was the introduction of the standardization resulting from comparative and reference works. This led to a rapidly growing corpus of knowledge by learning from, referencing of, and...[more]

08. June 2020

Extended collective licence agreement between Plazi and ProLitteris: Plazi adopts to revised copyright law in Switzerland

On the 1st of April, 2020, a new copyright law was enacted in Switzerland. Amongst other revision points, it declares an extension of the protection of photographs by applying the notion of work to non-individual photographs,...[more]


22. September 2020

November 16-19. Entomology 2020 (virtual)

Plazi will provide three lectures at the Entomology 2020. The lectures will be online on-demand starting November 11.

The Plazi Workflow to liberate PDF-imprisoned biodiversity DataBeyond PDF Publishing: Digitally accessible...[more]

03. March 2021

March 4. 10:15am CET

Plazi will provide the lecture A change in paradigm: From publications to publishing building blocks of digital accessible biodiversity knowledge at the 22nd Meeting of the GfBS together with the Muséum nationale d'Histoire...[more]