Plazi is an association supporting and promoting the development of persistent and openly accessible digital taxonomic literature. To this end Plazi will:

* Maintain a digital taxonomic literature repository to enable archiving of taxonomic treatments.

* Enhance submitted taxonomic treatments by creating TaxonX and Taxpub XML versions.

* Participate in the development of new models for publishing taxonomic treatments in order to maximize interoperability with other relevant cyberinfrastructure components (e.g., name servers, biodiversity resources, etc...)

* Advocate and educate about the vital importance of maintaining free and open access to scientific discourse and data.

Plazi News

On the difference between copyright and attribution in scientific work (April 9)

In a follow-up interview to the publication by Patterson et al. introducing the Blue List in BIOME, Plazi's president explains the history that led to the publication of the Blue List, common misunderstandings of coypright, why copyright cannot be used to assure attribution to works, and how this relates to big data.

Despatch from the field: New species discovery, description and data sharing in less than 30 days (March 27)