GoldenGATE Editor

The GoldenGATE Document Editor is a visual editor for marking up documents in XML. It is designed to do most of the markup automatically; manual work is reduced to correcting the output of automated components. For these corrections, there are many specialized dialogs and document views, which display the required information in a concise fashion and provide high-level assistance to the user. In addition, the editor provides assistance for editing and marking up documents manually. A flexible, plug-in-based software architecture allows for quickly integrating new components, and for deploying upgrades of existing ones. This is not restricted to components for automated markup and document views, but also comprises handling of different data formats, and different types of data storage, e.g. the local file system, databases, and web-based data providers.
The automated markup for taxonomic documents includes finding taxonomic names, figuring out their genus, species, etc., and obtaining an LSID for them. In addition, there are functions for marking up taxonomic treatments and their inner structure, i.e. which part of the treatment provides a morphological description of a taxon, which one lists materials examined, etc. A parser for extracting individual collecting events from the latter is under development.

The manual for GoldenGATE is available below in "Attachment".

Download of the latest version of the GoldenGATE Editor

Flavors of GoldenGATE
Once installed, GoldenGATE offers a choice of the following flavors:
TaxonX.editor is the standard version to mark-up taxonomic publications in general with a sequence of customized tasks that lead through the mark-up process.
TaxonX-Dev.editor is the beta version of future releases of the TaxonX.editor including new features being tested, as well as fixes for bugs.
TaxonX.markupWizard is to be used with the GldenGATE Markup Wizard, which guides you through the mark-up process and ask for your input whenever there are ambiguities the machine can not resolve itself.
Zootaxa.markupWizard is to be used with the GoldenGATE Markup Wizard, customized for the journal Zootaxa.
LocalMasterConfiguration includes all available plugins and resources, allows editing resources and creating new ones, and customizing GoldenGATE itself. It is not configured to a specific task, but is the basis for developers of customized GoldenGATE configurations.
Pro-iBiosphere.editor allows the import of PDF files.

Bug reports and requests for new features
Please report bugs and new feature requests!

Technical requirements
To run GoldenGATE, Java Runtime Environment has to be installed. Download; Check your local Java installation.

Update Sources
URLs where the GoldenGATE editor can fetch updates from. These URLs are not meant to access manually through a browser, but to be listed in the UpdateHosts.cnfg file in your GoldenGATE root folder. The GoldenGATE editor automatically downloads and installs updates from the URLs listed in this file.

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