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What is TreatmentBank?

Scientists describe and communicate the discocery of new biological species with taxonomic treatments that are bound to the names used to refer to these taxa. Often they are very rich in content and increasingly linked to externalk resources. Treatmentbank is a resource that stores and provides access to the treatements and data therein.



Search TreatmentBank

TreatmentBank can be searched  using fulltext search or the extended search allowing to search more precisely elements related to taxonomic names, bibliographic records or obsercation records.

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Online data mining and extraction

Do you have your own taxonomic articles or treatments that you want to make accessible to the wide world? Here are the tools (Guido needs to introduce the link)

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Desktop data mining and extraction

The GoldenGATE Document Editor is a visual editor for marking up documents in XML. It is designed to do most of the markup automatically.

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TreatmentBank statistics

Here are the basic statistics of TreatmentBank content and growth.

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Here is a seletion of the visualization of the very rich data contained in taxonomic treatments

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