Valentin's Aquarium

The scientific names are provided from the sales agent. In case there is only a vernacular name available, standard aquarium publications are used to infer the scientific name. In case of microorganims we'll do a survey of respective literature to find potential organisms that might live in the tank. In all cases we'll use the original or subsequent treatments to figure out, whether the provided names are correct and which ones we consider the correct identification.

The fact that the complexity of a name changes over time raises even more the wall to the access to scientific knowledge.

The above combination easily adds to hours of research and conversion work for many of the species. Multiply this with close to 2 Million species this is a daunting task to say the least - or just an unbelievable disjunction or disconnect of science and knowledge in the public - knowledge we use on a daily base - and mess.

This is an ongoing work I'll continue on a regular base just to assure me in what life we operate and spend millions of hours and tax money. The only positive side of this is that there is prospective publishing available, that removes most of this impediment at least for taxa dealt with (see Beyond dead trees)

fishbase: Y = taxon present, but no original citation. 


Scientific name Kingdom Class Authority Year Article available Open Access Access cost Publisher fishbase article production BLR Plazi WP
Panzerwels, Pracht Corydoras, Sterba's corydoras Corydoras sterbai Knaack Animalia Actinopterygii Knaak 1962 N n/a n/a n/a Y scanned Y Y Y
Schmetterlings-Zwergbuntbarsch, Ram cichlid Apistogramma remirezi Animalia Actinopterygii Myers & Harris 1948 N n/a n/a n/a Y scanned Y Y Y
Schmetterlings-Zwergbuntbarsch, Ram cichlid Papiliochromis ramirezi Animalia Actinopterygii Kullander 1980 Y N USD48 Taylor & Franics Y scanned Y Y Y
Schmetterlings-Zwergbuntbarsch, Ram cichlid Mikrogeophagus ramirezi Animalia Actinopterygii Kullander 2003?         Y       Y
Roter Hexenwels Rineloricaria Animalia Actinopterygii  
Zwergschilderwels Peckolita vittata Animalia Actinopterygii  
Trauermantelsammler Gymnocorymbus ternetzi Animalia Actinopterygii  
Gemeines Dornauge, Kuhli loach Pangio kuhlii sumatranus Animalia Actinopterygii                     Y
Gefleckter Ohrgitter-Harnischwels Otocinclus flexilis Animalia Actinopterygii  
Roter Neon Paracheirodon axelrodi Animalia Actinopterygii                     Y
Schnecke   Animalia  
Alternanthera reineckii 'Bronze' Alternanthera reineckii Plantae  
Anubias barteri var. nana   Plantae  
Bacopa australis Bacopa australis Plantae  
Crinum calamistratum Crinum calamistratum Plantae  
Cryptocoryne undulatus green Cryptocoryne undulatus Plantae  
Echinodurus martii Echinodurus martii Plantae  
Egeria densa 'Dichtblättrig' Egeria densa Plantae  
Hygrophylla difformis Hygrophylla difformis Plantae  
Hygrophyla polysperma Hygrophyla polysperma Plantae  
Micranthemum spec. "Montecarlo" Micranthemum Plantae  
Microsorium pteropus Microsorium pteropus Plantae  
Pogostemon helferi Pogostemon helferi Plantae  
Vallisneria gigantea Vallisneria gigantea Plantae  
Pseudotropheus flavus Pseudotropheus flavus Animalia  
Pseudotropheus zebra Pseudotropheus zebra Animalia  
Bushymouth catfish Ancistrus dolichopterus Animalia