22.07.2016 09:27

SpeciesTweet: TreatmentBank's new Twitter feed provides daily updates about newly discovered species

Species are being discovered every day.  While only a few ever make the news, these discoveries are critical for understanding our planet and ultimately providing us a full picture of biodiversity. With its new Twitter feeds, TreatmentBank provides an alert to a near-time access to taxa (e.g. species, genera), and their published taxonomic treatments. This includes access to an estimated 25% of the world’s new species discovered every year.

Two kinds of Twitter feeds are accessible, both specified via hashmarks (#). To get the daily feed of new taxonomic treatments use #newspecies. To get the feeds on a particular taxonomic order, use the hashtag combined with the name of the respective order. For example, for Hymenoptera, this is #Hymenoptera.

To filter these results, Twitter's advanced search options can be used.   

The daily updates are tweeted at 11pm CET.