17.11.2016 14:11

April 7, 2017. 09:00-10.30 RDA 9th Plenary, Barcelona, Spain

On April 7, 09:00 CalTech and Plazi will demonstrate in a joint presentation at the 9th plenary of the Research Data Alliacnce (RDA) in Barcelona  their implementation of the RDA/CODATA Legal Interoperability Principles. This includes the CalTech Research Data Repository and Biodiversity Literature Repository at Zenodo/CERN developed by Plazi and Pensoft. Both repositories are based on Invenio.

Whilst CalTech and its scientists are the producer of the deposited research results, the Biodiversity Literature Repository is built on reusing existing, published results or text and data mined data thereof, using the Plazi workflow, and enriching them with metadata and related identifiers. The source material of the latter is part of a corpus of hundreds of Millions of pages of published results, based on billions of specimens in natural history museums.