17.10.2019 11:48

A suggested Swiss science contribution to the future of Open Science and biodiversity

At today's swissuniversities kick-off meeting of the new Open Science strategy, we have been given a chance to present Plazi's input to build the Swiss Open Science vision.

This is what Donat Agosti has to say:

"Thank you for giving us at Plazi a chance to present our vision as a small contribution towards open science in Switzerland.

When I was a small boy, I enjoyed nothing more than dive into the library to get blown away by all the worlds that opened up. Especially, the links to facts blow my mind, so I often started in one corner of the library and ended up somewhere completely different.

When in the early 90ties the Internet and digitization started, this was my thing and we begun building websites and hyperlinking scientific facts.

Today’s advent of open science is really where my dreams come true. Finally we can build an information system based on a continuously augmented knowledge graph that allows us to ask questions and lead us to connected answers, all at our fingertips. Not only as a support to science but driving new discoveries.

But: we really do not know, what we know, because most of what we know is still hidden in silos, stacks in libraries or continuously published as stupid PDFs.

Switzerland, especially with the new copyright law we fought for, has a competitive advantage to become in the world of open science a leader in discovering what we know, and with that provide a global service to science, conservation and beyond.

Here is how 2 min movie