07.07.2016 09:55

A record of 4751 taxonomic treatments uploaded automatically in one day

A combination of a checklist of British ichneumonoids by Broad in the Biodiversity Data Journal and a nomenclator of melanopsids by Neubauer in Zookeys led to a record of 4751 automatically uploaded taxonomic treatments to TreatmentBank, totaling in 4804 added new treatments in one day, almost the average monthly upload.

The automatic upload is based on a collaboration between Pensoft and Plazi. Once a day, from all Pensoft journals are harvested by Plazi and converted into semantically enhanced documents, and uploaded to TreatmentBank. From there the enhanced treatments are accessible and citable using persistent identifiers minted upon import.

Over the last months the monthly import has been 5123 treatments including 664 new species, with a total of 159,000 treatments currently available. The automatic harvest of new treatments makes Plazi on the major contributor to GBIF’s backbone taxonomy, with half of the names supplied as  new names to it.

The daily list of new treatments lets users follow the input of new treatments including new species to science and redescriptions of known taxa.