17.12.2015 21:56

61 new species of dragon- and damselflies up in cyberspace

The publication contains, according to the title, 60 new dragaon- and damselfly species by KK et al (DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.35388) presents an ideal testbed for Plazi to test conversion of the 230 pages document and import its data into TreatmentBank.

The test passed, as one of our colleague wrote, like a candle light dinner for two with an impressive  number of highly skilled and motivated waiters to guarantee success. And the waiters and cooks did a superb service. However, the goal is feeding daily 500 customers and this is where the focus will lay.

Starting from this open access document on the Odonatologica web site the article has been mined for taxonomic treatments, bibliographic records, scientific names, observation records, collection- and specimen codes. Furthermore, the new taxonomic names have been registered at Zoobank and for the article, a DOI has been minted at the Bioidversity Literature Repository.

The following dahsboard visualizes in various ways data that is contained in such a publication



Based on this resulting semantically enhanced document and  extracted data, the following derivatives have been produced: