25.05.2016 13:37

2016 Top 10 New Species

This year's Top 10 species have been added to Treatmentbank (TB) and Wikidata (WD).

(1)  The PDF of this article is encoded in a way we have not seen during the last two years, and thus the data included remains in the PDF-prison.


All the taxonomic treatments of the above mentioned species can now directly linked trough the unique identifier minted by TreatmentBank (eg. for Umma gumma: TB=treatment.plazi.org/id/03A25264-CA15-FFFA-EF37-FB524211FE1F or Wikidata = Q21714929 through the Plazi_ID identifier). 

It is amazing to observe how much taxonomic publishing resists text and data mining efforts to create automatically a catalogue of at least all the new species being described, and taxonomists go rather for high impact or nice layout, even though their content is not, or only through many mouse clicks accessible.

Why not change the competition for the Top 10 Species a bit to make it more democratic and in support of taxonomy: Every body should be able to cast a vote. Only species count, for which the article or at least the taxonomic treatments and illustrations are open access. It might be extended, that species that are not found on WikiData with a link to the article or treatment, are not eligible. That means, people can add their favorite new species to a dedicated site and thus help for example Zoobank, to get more names listed? We are definitely in favor of it.