31.01.2017 17:29

By: Donat Agosti

100,000 digital objects uploaded to BLR

Today at 17:29 we reached a milestone by uploading the 100.000th digital object to the Biodiversity Literature Repository (BLR). This object, an illustration of the male genitalia for Stactobiella biramosa is one of currently 6495 genitalia illustrations out of the 83.620 open accessible illustrations extracted from the scientific literature. 

The value in this effort lies in the data covered. All the illustrations are tagged with their taxonomic hierarchy, the full caption and metadata are provided as well as links to the source article and other resources that cite this illustration. Since they are from scientific articles, the data quality is as high as it gets and they present an unprecedented resource to scientists.

More digital objects are added daily. Interested parties are invited to add more content to make BLR a global resource for biodiversity data freed from publications. Please contact Donat Agosti.

BLR is supported by Zenodo.