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18. January 2016

Open Access is the basis for access to our knowledge, not to single PDFs

Open Access in taxonomy is curently discussed in an unusually long thread in Taxacom which shows how little advanced the understanding of our modern science communication, better cyber space and its application to our domain in...[more]

18. January 2016

Plazi Source Codes available

All the source codes of programs developed at Plazi are now available through the developers section. This includes currently 17 depositions.[more]

15. January 2016

Building Plazi - thoughts from Amazon

The news this morning that Amazon got the permission to ship cargo on their own vessles from China to the States reflects the insights and conclusions behind getting a delivery of goods by Amazon at mininmal costs for use...[more]

02. January 2016

What's in a name?

A scientific name in biology is much more than just a name for something out there in nature we recognize as a unit. Read what Puneet Kishor has to say.[more]