URL: https://github.com/VBRANT/refbank

License: GPLv3

Dependencies (direct):

-          servlet-api.jar (by Sun/Oracle)

-          idaho-core

-          idaho-extensions

-          refparse

-          openstringpool


-          RefBank.zip [RefBank.jar (turn-key web application for managing bibliographic reference strings, implemented as a specific OpenStringPool; includes Servlets making up a browser based user interface, comprising facilities for search, error correction, and ReCAPTCHA protected upload; the upload facilities take individual references as well as entire bibliography files, supporting common formats like BibTeX, RIS, EndNote, etc.) + configuration and resource files]


-          Sautter, G., King, D., & Morse, D. (2012). Towards a universal bibliography–the RefBank approach. In Proceedings of TDWG Annual Meeting 2012.