URL: http://github.com/gsautter/idaho-extensions

License: BSD derivative

Dependencies (direct):

-          idaho-core


-          GamtaImagingAPI.jar (classes and utilities for working with page images, e.g. from scanned documents, e.g. an image bearing a resolution attribute; IO facilities for such attribute-amended images; bounding box class for marking areas in page images; analysis libraries with basic image processing algorithms, as well as macro algorithms for comprehensive image enhancement)

-          GamtaFeedbackAPI.jar (extensible suite of user interaction dialogs for use in interactive NLP, capable of displaying in a desktop as well as a browser based environment without their invoking client code even noticing; associated utility classes, especially for rendering dialogs in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)

-          AbbreviationUtils.jar (Analyzers and utilities for tagging the definitions of abbreviations, along with the data they imply, and for resolving uses of abbreviations to this very implied data)

-          BibRefUtils.jar (unified in-memory representation of bibliographic references, including MODS XML serialization and de-serialization; extensible classification scheme for bibliographic references, including validity checks and detailed error reports; abstract parser for bibliographic reference data formats like BibTeX, RIS, EndNote, etc.; user interface components for editing bibliographic references, including classification and validity checks, for both Java Swing and HTML + CSS + JavaScript)

-          DateTimeUtils.jar (Analyzer and utility library for handling date and time related character strings, including normalization of dates written in a multitude of different formats, generators and parsers for timestamps in various formats)

-          QuantityUtils.jar (utilities for handling quantities, i.e., numeric values associated with a unit, including conversion to metric units, formatted output, etc.)

-          GeoUtils.jar (Analyzer and utilities for handling geo-coordinates, including normalization of multiple coordinate formats to signed decimal representation, functionality translating coordinate pairs by a given distance in a given direction (bearing); multi-language gazetteer of countries and their first level administrative sub divisions, including former and colonial names, derived from CIA World Fact Book and the Wikipedia, and tools for repeating the latter derivation)

-          TableUtils.jar (Analyzers, utility classes and Java Swing display widget for working with tables in HTML or XML documents, including the tagging and amendment of abbreviations defined in tables)

-          TaxonomicNameUtils.jar (utility classes for working with taxonomic names, including in-memory representation of the names, DarwinCode XML based serialization and de-serialization, and an extensible system of nomenclatorial codes for validation)

-          MaterialsCitationUtils.jar (utilities for working with materials citations, occurrence records, observation records, specimen labels, etc., in taxonomic literature)