URL: http://github.com/gsautter/goldengate-server

License: BSD derivative

Dependencies (direct):

-          servlet-api.jar (by Sun/Oracle)

-          Java Service Wrapper (by Tanuki Software)

-          idaho-core

-          goldengate-editor


-          GgServer.zip [GgServer.jar (GoldenGATE Server core, including component loading and lifecycle management, network and console interfaces, request management and dispatching; centralized configuration of access to database and related resources; centralized event queue; convenience and helper classes for component implementation) + GgServerConsole.jar (command line client for GoldenGATE Server console interface) + GgServerUAA.jar (component for user management, also comprising authentication, session management, and permission abstract management) + GgServerUDS.jar (component managing personal data associated with users, e.g. full name or e-mail address) + GgServerUPS.jar (component providing role based implementation of permission management) + GgServerRES.jar (component replicating in-server events with remote installations of GoldenGATE Server) + Installer.jar (utility for installing components from zip files) + configuration and resource files + binary resources for running as system service / daemon]

-          GgServerClient.jar (generic client object for GoldenGATE Server, containing code required by all more specific client objects that communicate with a specific component inside the server via the network interface)

-          AuthManagerPlugin.jar (GoldenGATE Editor plug-in centrally managing authentication and permissions for other GldenGATE Editor plug-ins that communicate with a component in a GoldenGATE Server)

-          GgServerWeb.zip [GgServerWebFrontend.jar (basic infrastructure for a Servlet based web application acting as a front-end to a GoldenGATE Server, including centralized configuration of access settings for backing GoldenGATE Server, as well as other parameters; Servlet managing file downloads, as well as upload from DataUploader; Servlet serving static resources like JavaScripts, CSS files, images, etc.; Servlet HTTP tunnelling communication with the network interface of the backing GoldenGATE Server) + AuthenticatedWebClient.jar (Servlet hosting modules communicating with components in the backing GoldenGATE Server, centrally managing authentication; links into EasyIO's authentication infrastructure) + UserManagerModul.jar (module for user account administration) + UserDataModul.jar (module for user personal data administration, each user for his own data, administrators for data of all users) + PermissionManagerModul.jar (module for managing the roles of users, as well as permissions associated with roles) + ReInitializerModul.jar (module allowing to have individual Servlets re-read their configuration data without having to re-load the entire web application) + configuration and resource files]

-          DataUploader.zip [_DataUploader.jar (utility for uploading files to the download facilities coming with GgServerWeb, authenticating against the GoldenGATE Server backing the latter) + configuration and resource files]