URL: https://github.com/gsautter/goldengate-server-docs

License: BSD derivative

Dependencies (direct):

-          servlet-api.jar (by Sun/Oracle)

-          idaho-core

-          idaho-extensions

-          goldengate-editor

-          goldengate-server


-          GgServer.docs.zip [GgServerDST.jar (utility class storing GAMTA documents in a two-level folder based B-Tree, using their 128-bit hexadecimal identifier as the key, providing versioning and provenance, i.e., not overwriting documents on update, but creating a new current version and putting the previously current one aside) + GgServerDIO.jar (component storing GAMTA documents, protected by authentication as well as permission checks, preventing concurrent updates via a checkout / release locking mechanism, issuing events on document checkouts, updates, deletions, and releases) + GgServerDRS.jar (component replicating GAMTA documents with a DIO in a remote GoldenGATE Server, based upon remote events) + GgServerDIC.jar (component importing documents from online sources into DIO, e.g. by periodically polling an RSS feed and importing any new documents not imported before) + GgServerSRS.jar (component storing and indexing GAMTA documents or excerpts thereof for public IR style search and retrieval, based upon an extensible, modular indexing infrastructure, issuing events on document updates and deletions) + FullTextIndexer.jar (full text indexer for SRS, using an inverted index stored on the file system in a folder hierarchy, and scoring documents based on a TF-IDF approach) + BibliographicIndexer.jar (indexer for SRS working on the bibliographic metadata of documents, using a boolean scoring approach) + GgServerSrsDIO.jar (component updating documents in SRS whenever their parent documents are updated in DIO) + GgServerEXP.jar (abstract component exporting data extracted from documents in DIO or SRS to an abstract destination, triggered by events; centralized export controller component providing global control and monitoring for all installed specific exporters in the GoldenGATE Server console interface) + GgServerDioEXP.jar (binding of a specific exporter to DIO issued events) + GgServerSrsEXP.jar (binding of a specific exporter to SRS issued events) + GgServerDCS.jar (specific export component writing data from documents to one or more database tables for aggregation and analysis, based on configurable field groups (tables) and fields, with values extracted by means of XPath expressions; SQL SELECT query generation (including WHERE, GROUP BY, HAVING, and ORDER BY) from intuitive query and predicate formulation) + GgServerEXist.jar (specific export component forwarding document updates to eXist XML servers, or any RESTful XML document repositories) + GgServerWCS.jar (specific export component forwarding document updates to MediaWiki platforms, generating the Wiki syntax via customizable XSLT stylesheets) + GgServerATS.jar (specific export component indexing the text and attributes of markup elements for use as a thesaurus or gazetteer, e.g. in the markup of further documents) + configuration and resource files]

-          GgServerWeb.docs.zip [DioDocumentServlet.jar (Servlet providing read access to XML documents hosted in a DIO installed in a backing GoldenGATE Server) + DocumentCollectionStatistics.jar (Servlet providing form-based querying of statistical or aggregated data of a DCS installed in a backing GoldenGATE Server, returning query results in a variety of data formats, namely CSV, XML, and JSON) + GgSrsSearchPortal.jar (Servlet providing a search portal for the documents hosted in an SRS installed in a backing GoldenGATE Server, generating search forms from the indexers installed in the backing SRS, and presenting search results via a customizable layout engine) + CssLayout.jar (legacy SRS layout engine, generating a hard coded layout, allowing customization only based on CSS stylesheets) + XsltLayout.jar (SRS layout engine presenting search results by means of running their XML representation through customizable XSLT transformers) + configuration and resource files]

-          DioDocumentIO.jar (document IO plug-in for GoldenGATE Editor, loading documents from, and saving documents to, a DIO installed in some GoldenGATE Server)

-          ServerBatch.jar (GoldenGATE Editor plug-in loading documents from a DIO one by one, running them through an arbitrary markup facility, and saving back any changes)

-          GgServerDocumentGateway.zip [GgServerDocumentGateway.jar (standalone application derived from GoldenGATE Editor, loading batches of XML documents and sending them to a DIO installed in some GoldenGATE Server) + configuration and resource files]

-          DocmentGatewayPacker.zip [_DocmentGatewayPacker.jar (utility for zipping up GoldenGATE Server Document Gateway together with configurations) + configuration and resource files]