URL: http://github.com/gsautter/goldengate-process

License: BSD derivative

Dependencies (direct):

-          idaho-core

-          goldengate-editor

-          goldengate-server

-          goldengate-server-docs


-          MarkupProcess.jar (GoldenGATE Editor plug-in managing markup process definitions as resources; markup process definitions use XPath expressions to assess the state of a document, model dependencies between individual process steps via the order of these expressions, and provide users with hints regarding what markup activity to focus on next; see Publications)

-          MarkupWizard.jar (GoldenGATE Editor plug-in managing markup wizard definitions as resources; markup wizards extend upon markup processes by automatically running markup generation tools depending on the document markup state observed by a markup process; see Publications)

-          GgServer.process.zip [GgServerDMC.jar (GoldenGATE Server component amending the list of documents in a DIO by a column indicating the current markup state of the documents) + GgServerDPS.jar (GoldenGATE Server component autonomously running markup generation tools on the documents hosted by a DIO, controlled by a markup wizard definition) + configuration and resource files]

-          GgMarkupWizard.zip [GgMarkupWizard.jar (standalone application derived from GoldenGATE Editor, interactively applying a markup wizard definition to documents) + GgMarkupWizardStarter.jar (startup and live update facilities for GoldenGATE Markup Wizard application) + configuration and resource files]

-          DmcProcessManager.jar (GoldenGATE Editor plug-in for remotely managing the markup process definitions used by a DMC installed in a GoldenGATE Server)

-          DpsConfigurationManager.jar (GoldenGATE Editor plug-in for remotely managing the markup wizard definitions, including respective markup generation tools, used by a DPS installed in a GoldenGATE Server)

-          VersionPacker.markupWizard.zip [_VersionPacker.markupWizard.jar + (utility for zipping up GoldenGATE Markup Wizard together with configurations) + configuration and resource files]


-          Sautter, G., Böhm, K., Kühne, C., & Mathäß, T. (2010, June). ProcessTron: efficient semi-automated markup generation for scientific documents. In Proceedings of JCDL 2010 (pp. 21-28). ACM.