URL: https://github.com/gsautter/goldengate-imagine-plugins

License: BSD derivative

Dependencies (direct):

-          idaho-core

-          idaho-extensions

-          idaho-imagemarkup

-          goldengate-editor

-          goldengate-imagine


-          AnnotationActionProvider.jar (GoldenGATE Imagine plug-in providing functionality for modifying annotations of an Image Markup document, both in the "Edit" and the context menu)

-          AttributeToolProvider.jar (GoldenGATE Imagine plug-in providing functionality for modifying the attributes of all elements of an Image Markup document, via the "Edit" menu)

-          BasicImageEditToolProvider.jar (GoldenGATE Imagine plug-in providing basic tools for editing page images, e.g. erasers and pencils in different shapes and sizes, tools for removing and marking words, etc.)

-          BlockOcrProvider.jar (GoldenGATE Imagine plug-in providing OCR functionality for selected blocks of a page image; if necessary, it increases block line spacing before doing OCR)

-          CaptionCitationHandler.jar (GoldenGATE Imagine plug-in reacting to changes to captions, keeping citations of the captioned elements (tables, figures, etc.) in sync with the captions proper)

-          DocumentMetaDataEditor.jar (GoldenGATE Imagine plug-in providing a dialog for editing the bibliographic metadata of a document, via the "Edit" and "Tools" menus, and also context menu functions for extracting metadata element; can automatically extract metadata elements based on document style templates)

-          DocumentProcessorImTools.jar (GoldenGATE Imagine plug-in providing GoldenGATE Editor style markup generation tools, via the "Tools" menu; works based on GAMTA wrapper for Image Markup data model)

-          DocumentStructureDetector.jar (GoldenGATE Imagine plug-in further analyzing the structure of an Image Markup document after conversion from PDF, including; detection of page headers and page numbers, detection of captions and footnotes, detection of tables and figures, detection of emphasized words (bold/italics) as well as headings, heading hierarchy inference; can employ assistance of document style templates to increase accuracy)

-          DocumentStyleManager.jar (GoldenGATE Imagine plug-in providing management functionality for document style templates, including style parameter extraction from example documents, via the context menu, an overview window, and editing and testing facilities)

-          DocumentStyleProvider.jar (GoldenGATE Imagine plug-in providing document style templates to other plug-ins using them)

-          FontEditor.jar (GoldenGATE Imagine plug-in providing editing functionality for the decoding of glyph-based fonts embedded in born-digital PDFs, via both the "Edit" and the context menu)

-          NavigationProvider.jar (GoldenGATE Imagine plug-in providing "Find Previous" / "Find Next" style document navigation functions in the context menu, as well as a navigation dialog listing all occurrences of a word or phrase)

-          ObjectListProvider.jar (GoldenGATE Imagine plug-in providing list views of selected elements of Image Markup documents, selected by a fixed or editable XPath expression; elements and their attributes can be edited directly from the list view)

-          OcrChecker.jar (GoldenGATE Imagine plug-in providing OCR correction assistance)

-          RegionActionProvider.jar (GoldenGATE Imagine plug-in providing context menu functionality for adding and removing regions in an Image Markup document; also provides macro functions for dealing with blocks, paragraphs, and lines; also reacts to addition and removal of block and paragraph type regions, keeping text streams in sync)

-          TableActionProvider.jar (GoldenGATE Imagine plug-in providing specific context menu functions for dealing with table related regions, i.e., tables proper as well as their columns, rows and cells, including column and row merging and splitting, connecting tables extending across column or page breaks; can copy tables to the clipboard for extraction; reacts to the removal or tables, cleaning up columns, rows, and cells, and reverting table words to main text flow ordering)

-          TextActionProvider.jar (GoldenGATE Imagine plug-in providing context menu functionality for editing words in scanned and OCRed Image Markup documents)

-          TextBlockActionProvider.jar (GoldenGATE Imagine plug-in providing context menu functionality for marking specific text blocks like page headers, captions, etc., also taking care of assigning captions to tables, figures, etc., and triggering markup of citations of the captioned objects)

-          TextStreamActionProvider.jar (GoldenGATE Imagine plug-in providing context menu functions for editing logical text streams, i.e., the chaining of words in an Image Markup document)

-          UrlDropLinker.jar (GoldenGATE Imagine plug-in reacting to URLs being dropped on an Image Markup document, adding the them as attributes to annotations they are dropped on; attribute name is configurable per annotation type)

-          XmlViewer.jar (GoldenGATE Imagine plug-in providing an XML view of an Image Markup document, akin to document display facilities in GoldenGATE Editor; edits in the view write through to Image Markup document; accessible via "Edit" and context menu)