URL: http://github.com/gsautter/goldengate-configurations

License: BSD derivative

Dependencies (direct):

-          servlet-api.jar (by Sun/Oracle)

-          idaho-core

-          goldengate-editor

-          goldengate-server


-          GgServer.configs.zip [GgServerECS.jar (GoldenGATE Server component managing Configurations for GoldenGATE Editor) + configuration and resource files]

-          GgServerWeb.configs.zip [GgEcsConfigurationServlet.jar (Servlet providing GoldenGATE Editor Configurations for download and differential update via HTTP in a GoldenGATE Server backed web application) + ConfigurationManagerModul.jar (module managing GoldenGATE Editor Configurations and their accessibility) + configuration and resource files]

-          EscConfigurationManager.jar (GoldenGATE Editor plug-in managing GoldenGATE Editor Configurations hosted in a GoldenGATE Server)