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25. May 2016

2016 Top 10 New Species

This year's Top 10 species have been added to Treatmentbank (TB) and Wikidata (WD).

Giant Tortoise (Chelonoidis donfaustoi), TB, WDGiant Sundew (Drosera magnifica), TB, WDHominin (Homo naledi), TB,...[more]

03. May 2016

Incentives to properly geo-reference specimens

Visualization of data in ongoing publications is one the new tools taxonomists are getting. Though we are not there yet to have a fully automated system that finds new articles, text and data mines and visualizes included...[more]

29. February 2016

Data Sharing Principles and Legal Interoperability for Essential Biodiversity Variables

The ambitious goal to monitor biodiversity globally is a huge challenge and requires innovative solutions. Essential Biodiversity Variables are an approach chosen by GEO BON to measure changes of biodiversity a global...[more]

25. February 2016

5* publishing in taxonomy: Formicine phylogeny by Ward et al., 2016

Ward et al.’s recent publication on formicine taxonomy is implementing the results from their phylogenetic analyses in taxonomy, that is listing all the new combinations of names, synonymies or resurrection of old names. These...[more]

18. January 2016

Open Access is the basis for access to our knowledge, not to single PDFs

Open Access in taxonomy is curently discussed in an unusually long thread in Taxacom which shows how little advanced the understanding of our modern science communication, better cyber space and its application to our domain in...[more]

18. January 2016

Plazi Source Codes available

All the source codes of programs developed at Plazi are now available through the developers section. This includes currently 17 depositions.[more]


08. June 2016

June 6, 2016: SwissText 2016

Donat Agosti will present a show case poster "Mining and Opening up the Biodiversity Library".

The diversity of Life is scientifically described in an estimated 500 Million pages of books and articles, including...[more]

14. June 2016

June 14/15, 2016. GLOBIS-B workshop on traits

Donat Agosti and Willi Egloff will participate at the GLOBIS-B workshop in Seville. The mission of the GLOBIS-B project is to foster the global cooperation of biodiversity research infrastructures and...[more]

25. September 2016

September 25 -30, 2016. International Entomological Conference, Orlando, FL, USA

Donat Agosti, Terry Catapano, and Willi Egloff will talk about progress in digitization and access to taxonomic data and related copyright and access issues.  A schedule will be provided here.[more]