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22. July 2016

SpeciesTweet: TreatmentBank's new Twitter feed provides daily updates about newly discovered species

Species are being discovered every day.  While only a few ever make the news, these discoveries are critical for understanding our planet and ultimately providing us a full picture of biodiversity. With its new Twitter...[more]

12. July 2016

Open access to data on new and known taxa

The discovery of new species is regularly newsworthy, as well as impressive phenomena such as  the huge light trap Stade de France attracting moths reported yesterday. Whilst in the former case - because of a missing...[more]

11. July 2016

UEFA EURO 2016 final a challenge to biologists

Yesterday night at the UEFA EURO 2016 final, these pictures have been a hot topic: Not only Ronaldo had a vistor, but the entire stadium (movie) has been full of a particular moth species....[more]

07. July 2016

A record of 4751 taxonomic treatments uploaded automatically in one day

A combination of a checklist of British ichneumonoids by Broad in the Biodiversity Data Journal and a nomenclator of melanopsids by Neubauer in Zookeys led to a record of 4751 automatically uploaded taxonomic treatments to...[more]

06. June 2016

Naiveté or obstructionism in biological systematics publishing?

Taxonomists are very finicky about saving their legacy, such as publications, into the far future, certainly doubling the current shelf life of publications starting 1756. A recent publication by Ward & Fisher in one of the...[more]

04. June 2016

The needs of taxonomic information in the European Environment Agency

One of the insights from a recent meeting between the European Environment Agency (EEA) and EU BON has been a better understanding of the needs of taxonomic data by the EEA for monitoring. With few words, large datasets that are...[more]


25. September 2016

September 25 -30, 2016. International Entomological Conference, Orlando, FL, USA

Donat Agosti, Terry Catapano, and Willi Egloff will talk about progress in digitization and access to taxonomic data and related copyright and access issues.  A schedule will be provided here.[more]

28. October 2016

Oktober 28, 2016. E-Government focus day. Bern, Switzerland

Donat Agosti will be present at the Swiss E-Government focus day with this year's topic "Linked data in practice" in Bern, Switzerland.[more]